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November 02, 2021

Indian Wall Art Starts With The Wooden Mask

Appreciating The History

The history of masks dates as far back as 7000 BC, where they were used in rituals and ceremonies. They were frequently worn in performances. Besides being used for theatrical reasons, they were oftentimes seen as works of art created with the intention of paying tribute to mythological spirits or communicating with ancestors. Masks were used very often in Africa, particularly West Africa in performances and hunting. Nowadays, masks are used as a decorative item. Since then, the use of masks has evolved tremendously - now being used more as fashion items at parties and decorative pieces around people’s homes.   

Wooden Mask Decoration 

Masks have been used as a home decor item for a long time.Wooden mask wall decor is rising in popularity, especially given the fact that mask designs and textures can be indicative of certain geographical and historical origins. What is great to note is that decorative masks are able to add depth and perspective to your wall. Putting a mask on your wall plays tribute to the culture that created the mask and adds an element of appreciation behind the history that has gone into your decorations.  

At Artisan Soul, we sell a variety of handcrafted wooden masks. What makes wooden masks so special is that they give an incredibly traditional feel, that reminds one of nature. Additionally, masks made out of wood are among the most durable of materials, making them the safest bets from being accidentally broken. Moreover, the brown shades and wooden textures allow for the wooden masks to be compatible with all wall colours and wallpapers; this is where the versatility of the mask’s can be truly appreciated. The untouched look of pure wood provides the perfect mix of elegance and artisanal handcrafted traditions carried forward through the generations. 

Indian Wall Art

Burdwan, also known asBardhaman,is located in the state of West Bengal. Burdwan is rich in cultural heritage and many of the handicrafts are created by families who have been artisans for generations. The handicrafts from Burdwan area are heavily inspired by the Bengali Hindu culture that has been embedded in the fabric of the people from the region. 

Tribal face mask wall hanging

The masks at Artisan Soul are completely handmade from pure wood and we offer a variety of beautifultribal face mask wall hangings. At Artisan Soul, we believe fully in sustainable materials and the decorative masks at our store are no different. Wood has a green advantage seeing as it is non-toxic to human health. Additionally, it is biodegradable which means that it poses no threat to the environment, making it among the most eco-friendly materials to use for masks.